• Лимассол
  • Просмотры: Сегодня 125 / Всего 707
  • № 41401
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Категория Искусство, развлечения, издательство
Город Лимассол
Job description, tasks •Participate in the fighting show as a Knight; •Ensure visitors have legend experience during their visit: involving in the conversations, offering assistance, entertaining children by playing the pre-agreed medieval games; •Answer visitors’ questions regarding the medieval weapons and equipment; •Assist and be fully involved in group visits and events organized by Event Manager; •Maintain the armory, playground and arena in proper conditions; •If required, demonstrate and instruct visitors regarding the bow shooting; •Cooperate and follow the duties assigned by the Supervisor; •Follow the safety rules in order to ensure visitors’ and personnel safety. Requirements •Fluency in Greek and English (knowledge of Russian would be considered an advantage); •Perfect communication skills and ability to entertain large groups; •Knowledge of Medieval History would be considered an advantage.

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