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Invite a friend and get a bonus

We are glad to introduce an amazing bonus system for our users! Invite your friends to register and post their listing for sale and get 1 point of website currency for each listing posted.

You will be able to spend these points for the following:
- Promote your items for sale (raise an ad, make it premium or VIP or highlight it)
- Exchange points for cool goods and services in Cyprus

It works only for registered users.
You simply need to take the following steps:
1. Send invitation to your friend from Personal page
2. Person will receive an email with a link to register on website.
3. For each advert invited person creates you will get 1 point of website currency. Keep in mind that only posts rated according the website rules will be accepted (duplicates or fraud items are not accepted)

The list of prizes you can get for earned points is on Profile page or By the end of each year, people who will deliver the best results will get valuable prizes

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