4 reasons to shop locally

Why is using Cyprus Bazar better? Or should the question simply be, when has supporting your local community been anything BUT better? Cyprus Bazar is a classified ads platform that truly hits home. Check out the four major reasons why using Bazar is better for you, and your community.

1. Supporting your neighbors, Cypriot entrepreneurs

When looking for items listed on Bazar, you can consider yourself at an online, Cypriot yard sale. Whether you are buying an item from someone in Nicosia, Paphos, Limassol, or anywhere else around the island, you are supporting your neighbor, your fellow Cypriot, and in return, supporting the economy, which essentially, is supporting yourself!

2. The ethical choice

Buying products of Bazar can many times be seen as the more ethical choice. Besides the fact that you are supporting your fellow citizens, some products such as personal items, beauty and health, animals, and many others are just best bought on home grounds. Besides, isn’t it more comforting to know your child’s new car seat, your organic coconut oil, or new makeup kit is being shipped from across the island and not across the world?

3. Shipping costs to a minimum

This one is better for both the buyer, and the seller. Although it goes without saying, we’ll say it anyway: shipping is much more convenient when its done within the same country. When using Cyprus Bazar, you will ship and receive your products cheaper, and faster than if you were to use a classified ad site anywhere else in the world.

4. Find unique gifts

Where else could you find a handmade necklace from Protaras for your friend in England? Or a pair of Swarovski Crystal earrings for half the price? Cyprus Bazar is the perfect place to find unique gifts for friends and family.