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13 Nov 2017

4 Tips on Purchasing Second – Hand Appliances

Purchasing second – hand appliances is a wonderful way of saving money for several reasons, irrespective of how do you intend to use these appliances.

Besides from saving money, buying used appliances can also give you the opportunity to get expensive brands, which in other cases would be simply inapproachable, because of their price.

But buying second – hand appliances is an art and here are some of its key secrets.

Check the appliance’s age – long - aged appliances can prove cheaper but...

4 reasons to shop locally

Why is using Cyprus Bazar better? Or should the question simply be, when has supporting your local community been anything BUT better? Cyprus Bazar is a classified ads platform that truly hits home. Check out the four major reasons why using Bazar is better for you, and your community.


1.Supporting your neighbors, Cypriot entrepreneurs.

When looking for items listed on Bazar, you can consider yourself at an online, Cypriot yard sale. Whether you are buying an item from...

3 Factors to be Taken Into Account When Purchasing Refurbished Electronics

3 Factors to be Taken Into Account When Purchasing Refurbished Electronics

If you love electronics and gadgets but your budget is kind of limited, then refurbished electronics must be a favorite of yours. Offered at extremely low prices, "refurbs" are mainly considered just defective rejects. The reality is different though. 

10 Best Used Car Options

Buying a used car can either prove a great deal, or a great blunder. In new models it is not difficult to check through reviews whether the price is fair or not. But in used cars, several factors and the lack of objective information makes the case a lot more difficult.

If you think about changing your car and lack the means to buy a new one, than a good place to start is knowing which...

Crucial Facts you must Know Before Purchasing a Used Electronic Devise

Second – hand electronics can be a wonderful bargain. Electronic technology advances faster than ever, leaving most of us with devices that passed their prime, which we are more than eager to sell. That can give us also the opportunity to get a 2 or 3 year - old electronic for just the half of their initial price or even lower.

But we live in a wicked world and we can never be too cautious. So, there...

Vital Reminders For all Used Cars Buyers

1. Never fail a to check the vehicle’s repair record

Of course, purchasing used cars is always a lot more economical than a new car, but, at the same time, more dangerous. Still, there is no reason to panic. There are always ways to reduce the chances of getting a problematic vehicle.

The first and probably most significant is checking carefully the repair records of the cars you are interested in. Thus, you will have the opportunity to confirm...

Which Are the Benefits of Using Classified Ads?

Classified ads are a cost - effective and trouble - free way for relatively small – sized businesses to find possible customers. It is an excellent means of spreading your commercial message, particularly if you find other advertising options inapproachable financially. Thus, the majority of medium to small sized businesses are indeed capable of finding some type of classified ad that can be covered by their budget, whether it is published on the internet or in print.

Saving Time...

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Our team is happy to present to visitors of new mobile version. Due to the light version, visit our site has become even more convenient and easier. Wherever and whenever is convenient, you can easily and quickly find us and all the necessary information on the page with your favorite tablet or smart phone.

Mobile version of the easy access and faster page loads. All sections are available as icons for...