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The expert for ultrasound, Emmi Ultrasonic GmbH, proudly presents Emmi-skin for skin and tissue Ultrasound cleanses your skin down to the pores without any peeling crème Improving the blood flow supports the skin tightening • After using Emmi-skin the first time, as the pores are cleaned out, the breathing area of the skin already starts increasing substantially. It leaves you with a good feeling. • As result of cleaning the pores, they close up from the bottom to the top which results in a smooth, clean and soft skin • Gentle and motionless removing of dry skin scales after the first usage without using a “sandpaper-like” peeling crème. • Does not only effect the skin but also lower tissue (inflammation) • Alleviates pigmented moles on face and hands! • Supports blood flow of the skin – no pale, unhealthy skin anymore • Suitable for upper and lower eyelid – helps against dark circles under the eyes • Naturally tightens the skin of neck and décolleté • Reduces upper lip crinkles • Supports blood flow in the lips and makes them look fuller and nice - without any Botox! • Stimulates the cell division and formation of new collagen fibers • Moderates age marks and pigmented moles on the back of your hands • Supports blood flow in the skin of your cheeks and forehead, chin and neck with the collagen crème • Sunburn cures faster with the collagen crème and Emmi-skin! • Helps against milia • Rapidly reduces blackheads and acne • Reduces muscles tension • Helps against tonsillitis • Eliminates callused skin • Supports painkiller for a faster, longer-lasting effect Order here now with 10% less on the web- shop price as a preferred costumer https://rkever.emmi-club.de/en/shop/id/650Basis for you 144€