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€ 65,000
Category Studio/room for Sale
City Nicosia
General Description 1) SKELETON: It made of reinforced concrete. The entire structure is made by based on seismic regulations. 2) WALLS: The external walls will be brick perforated 20cm. and internal walls will be brick perforated 10cm. 3) PLASTER: There will be three coats of plaster internally and externally. 4) BOGIANTISMATA: interior emulsion paint white paint and exterior paint santex for outdoor use. 5) FLOORS:  Living - Dining - Kitchen: Ceramic along with tsekolatoura, market value € 25 / sq.m.  Terraces: Ceramic along with tsekolatoura market value of € 17 / sq.m.  Bathrooms - w.c: ceramic market value of € 20 / sq.m. until the lintel.  Ceramic Kitchen Wall: they put in the interim where there are benches. Ceramic Height 0.60 m. Market value € 20 / sq.m. 6) SANITARY: To welfare amount for apartments of one and two bedroom will be € 1500. 7) PARQUET  BEDROOMS: Parquet composite laminate with tsekolatoura, market value € 26 / sq.m. 8) WOOD:  input port of the apartments will be from melamine, foreign origin full basis of the conditions of approval of the Fire Service.  The Interior Doors will be from melamine, external origin.  Obligation of the Company in the kitchen for one bedroom apartments will is 6tr.m., for two-bedroom apartments will be 10tr.m. and for three bedroom apartments will be 10tr.m. from melamine external origin, value 220 € / tr.m.  To cap the kitchen is granite market value by putting € 650.  Cases: The frame and doors of cabinets will be melamine from external origin. According to the architectural plans, worth 200 € / sq.m.  HANDLES: Handles cabinets and kitchen countertops, market value of € 4 each. Handles and interior door locks, the market value of € 50 each. handle and outside door lock, market value € 60 each.  KASIES: All internal Frames are from melamine extraneous. 9) ALUMINIUM: The aluminum is silver color with double glass. 10) solar water heating: It is a geyser tonne with two frames for each apartment. 11) HEATING: Provision for electric radiators. For one bedroom apartments will be two points and two apartments bedroom will be three points. 12) Air-condition: Provision for air-condition type split unit intubation only, for one bedroom apartments on two points for the apartments of the two bedroom three points. Notes: 1. The above rates of technical sera include VAT 2. Additional work will be charged VAT
City Nicosia