Mxq 4k Android TV box for sale in Limassol Cyprus

  • Limassol
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€ 90
Category Video, DVD and Blu-ray players
City Limassol
Mxq 4k Android TV box for sale in Limassol Cyprus. ALL foreign films and series with subtitles and in HD and 3D. (Option Season and Episode with Video ON Demand) 2. Greek series and films (so far) 3. Metaglotismena foreign cartoons 4. All of Youtube movies. 5. Documentary of the biggest channels with Video On Demand (National Geographic, etc.) 6. Live all Greek channels 7. Video on Demand rows and emission of Greek and Cypriot channel 8. Unlimited additional channels (from informative to special-interest channels ) 9. Video on Demand adult channels 10. European Football 11. All English channels Live All this with only one market without NEVER pay subscription or make additional payments ..... ALL fREE .......