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Holistic Stone Therapy for sale in Paphos

29 Mar 14:22
City: Paphos
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10 €

Therapy with with more than 100 healing stones and minerals. For more information, please visit: CLINOPTILOLITE One of the most popular zeolites for water ionization. Due to its properties it was named ‘the mineral of 20-th century’. - Cleans toxins - Calms the nervous system - Balance the function of endocrine system - Improve the function of digestive and urinary system - Ensures normal sleep - Decrease perspiration - Decrease trembling and any other consequences of the existence of subconscious tension - Adjust the amount of free radicals in the body How to use? Put the stones from the packet in 5 liters non-chlorinated water. After 8 hours is ready for drinking. Begin the day with glass of warm water before breakfast. You can drink 1-2 liters per day or more. When the water finish, add 5 liters fresh water and wait 8 hours. After 3 months the stones must to be replaced with new. Don’t store in the refrigerator or under direct sunlight.

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