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We accept a Pay Pal payment. Free shipping to Cyprus. We accept payment by Akis Express , delivery is at the expense of the buyer Perfect Gift 10 pcs glass vial Rose perfume 2.1 ml Rose Oil Perfume 100% GENUINE 10x2.1ml The unique nature of roses delivers well-known benefits in aromatherapy and cosmetics. This is a wonderful aromatherapy perfume for improving ones emotional well-being. The Bulgarian rose perfume (essence) is perfect for aromatherapy, to wear as a perfume; it is used in making soaps and other cosmetic products, to scent water and to provide room fragrance applied on potpourri. The long lasting odor of the rose essence makes it top choice to for deodorizing of public, business and home premises. That is easy to do simply by attaching a small vial of rose essence to the air conditioner. Or you can use an electric diffuser that is being plugged in the power supply wall socket. Put some drops in the bath, spill on the bed sheets and you will enjoy the exquisite aroma of this natural product.