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Here it is the next generation of Canicom remote training collars from Num\'Axes Now with vibration and more levels of electric impulses. CANICOM 1500 ΔΥΝΑΤΟΤΗΤΑ ΓΙΑ 4 ΣΚΥΛΟΥΣ 1500 ΜΕΤΡΑ 175 ΕΥΡΩ CANICOM 200 ΔΥΝΑΤΟΤΗΤΑ ΓΙΑ ΕΝΑ ΣΚΥΛΟ 200ΜΕΤΡΑ 120 ΕΥΡΩ CANICOM 5.500 ΔΥΝΑΤΟΤΗΤΑ ΓΙΑ ΔΥΟ ΣΚΥΛΟΥΣ 500 ΜΕΤΡΑ 175 ΕΥΡΩ CANICOM 5.1500 ΔΥΝΑΤΟΤΗΤΑ ΓΙΑ 4 ΣΚΥΛΟΥΣ 1500 ΜΕΤΡΑ 230 ΕΥΡΩ ΑΝΤΙΓΑΥΓΙΣΤΙΚΟ ΚΟΛΑΡΟ CANICALM EXCELL 80 ΕΥΡΩ ΑΝΤΙΓΑΥΓΙΣΤΙΚΟ ΚΟΛΑΡΟ CANICALM 70 ΕΥΡΩ ΑΝΤΙΓΑΥΓΙΣΤΙΚΟ ΚΟΛΑΡΟ CANICALM, FIRST 60 ΕΥΡΩ DETAILS FOR 5.1500 The set is composed of a remote control, plus an orange collar. Possibility to 3 other additional collars. With sound warning and vibration, continuous impulses and adjustable Booster key. The Canicom 5 series are collars indicated for hunters, trainers and household use, because are very resistant and easy to use. Canicom 5.1500 have 2 training modes: Vibration Mode: if your dog behaves badly, you give and order to stop it, but if your dog doesn\'t pay attention, you will press the remote control of the collar in vibration mode. The collar sends out a vibration that results uncomfortable for your dog. The result is that the dog associates the vibration with the action it has done. You can make it as many times as necessary to amend your dog\'s bad behavior. If this vibration mode is not enough, Canicom 5 series count also with an Electric Impulses Mode, the most effective system. Electric Impulses Mode: The task of the collar with electric impulses is to reinforce, amend and avoid bad habits. As in the previous situation, your dog needs to know the reason of the electric impulse, your dog needs to know what do you want before apply the electric impulse. These collars have adjustable levels for each case and dog. They aren\'t harmful for your dog, CANICOM 5.1500 SPECS : Range: 1.500 m. The remote control can operate up to 4 dogs same time 25 intensity levels. Remote control dimensions: 18,5 x 5,6 x 3 cm. Remote control weight: 131 g. Advantages - easy to use - ergonomic remote control with LCD screen - you can add the additional training collars at any future time - programmable Booster key for emergency situations - high quality washable strap - receiver collar compatible with any remote control from the CANICOM 5 range Product features - up to 1500 meter range (depending on geography and environment) - remote control operates 1, 2, 3 or 4 CANICOM 5 training collars - warning beep sounds - vibrations - adjustable static stimulations (25 levels available) - low battery indicator on the collar - low battery indicator on the remote control - easy do-it-yourself radio coding of the collar with the remote control: you can code the collar indefinitely, either with the same remote control, or with a new one from the CANICOM 5 range Reliable and efficient - 2-year factory guarantee Remote control: - shower proof - battery life: approx. 4 months Receiver collar: - waterproof - battery life: approx. 3 months Specifications Remote control: - weight: 131 g (battery included) - dimensions: 56 x 185 x 30 mm - power: 2 1.5-V AA LR06 alkaline batteries (supplied) Receiver collar: - weight: 85 g (battery included in the set) - dimensions: 50 x 70 x 32 mm - power: 1 3-V CR2 lithium battery (included in the set) - strap: length 68 cm / width 18.5 mm – adjustable for neck sizes from 6 cm to 20 cm of diameter