For sale Cube 3rd Generation 3D Printer in Nicosia

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For sale Cube 3rd Generation 3D Printer in Nicosia. If you are interested and you don\'t live in Nicosia, I can arrange the product to be shipped to you by AkisExpress or Cyprus Post. Barely used plug-and-play 3D printer. Retail price for this printer in the US is 999 $. It functions perfectly and prints really exceptional quality. It even has Wi-fi connection, so you can print through the internet, without the need of a cable. It comes with original box and equipment with it. The Cube 3D printer brings your creative projects to life, building dual-color objects on a print platform that stays cool throughout the process. Wireless connectivity and a color touch-screen let you transfer a project from your computer or smartphone to your printer with ease. Take the printer out of the box, and with the snap and load smart cartridges, you can be printing in minutes. These cartridges keep your filament fresh and communicate with your Cube so you don\'t have to. It tells your Cube which material settings to use and how much filament is left, so you never run out mid print. Safe for the classroom-Cube is recommended for children 8+ and meets IEC Home Printer Certification 60953 (TUV). It also prints at layer as small as 70 microns, providing an extremely high and reliable quality, which means that this printer can even be used by professionals and for professional projects. It comes without filament/cartridge (I have some, but it is unusable), but you can buy its cartridges from in Nicosia and Larnaka or from the singular shop in Limassol.