COGY (Profhand) Pedal Wheelchair for sale in Cyprus

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The COGY Pedal Wheelchair is a next generation, state-of-the-art technology assisting with multiple benefits for various users. The COGY Pedal Wheelchair is a wheelchair primarily, which means its purpose is to provide mobility and transportation to its users. This marvellous invention was created by Professor Handa, from the Tohoku University with collaboration with Mr. Suzuki, CEO of TESS Co. in Japan. The word COGY in Japanese means "pedalling", and it was produced in 2009. COGY Pedal Wheelchair has earned the CE (Conformité Européene) mark in Europe and FDA approval in the United States, and is being sold in Asia, North America, and Europe. Furthermore, the COGY Pedal Wheelchair was designed to assist stroke patients on their recovery. It provides exercise and rehabilitation to the user within an arms reach all the time, everywhere! The reason this is ideal for stroke patients is because it offers recovery to the damaged part of the brain through something called Neuromodulation. Neuromodulation is the use of electric stimulation to help the recovery of nerves through impulses to the brain by stimulating movement from the paralyzed leg. It requires the slightest effort from the stronger leg to create passive movement to the paralyzed one to perform the pedalling exercise using BOTH legs. Not only that, it improves the cardio vascular system, which is vital to all stroke patients to have improve their blood circulation to provide much healthier oxygenated blood supply to the brain. It also provides strength to both legs to keep them from deteriorating which contributes to the short term and long term recovery of the user. However, stroke patients are not the only beneficiaries to this incredible creation, the COGY Pedal Wheelchair can be used by other people with disabilities such as Parkinson\'s, Cerebral Palsy, and Multiple Sclerosis. But this fascinating wheelchair wouldn\'t stop there, various people who aren\'t necessarily disabled can be impressed by the level of contribution and the difference this wheelchair can bring to their lives, people like athletes, veterans in the military, police, firefighters, and many other people who might face injury in their legs, will find a helping hand in their recovery from this wheelchair. Currently, military veterans in the United States whose legs had given out due to old age started using the COGY Pedal Wheelchair, are now reportedly traveling around the country. This wheelchair, the COGY Pedal Wheelchair is a game changer, and the only reason I am saying this is because as much as people despise wheelchairs, this wheelchair is so much fun, it is exciting, and it brings a lot of motivation to its users. First of all, it\'s like driving a car or a scooter, with its driving stick you get to drive this wheelchair around the place and have so much fun while performing your rehabilitation exercises. Second, unlike stationary equipment, again, it is so exciting because it is mobile and you can drive it around, go here, go there, do so much more and many activities with it. It is not stressful, neither on the mind, nor on the limbs. So what makes this wheelchair better than others? Well first of all it is incredibly light, that\'s because it is made of Aluminium 7000, the same aluminium used to build bullet trains in Japan. It is very strong, can withstand high levels of stress, and is very light. The large unit weighs no more than 12 kilograms. The second is that it is also light on the feet. This high tech wheelchair, despite it requiring the effort of the user to self-locomote it, it actually feels like walking on air; or in this case pedalling on air. It is so effortless it\'s almost automatic. The third is the added benefit of the exercise. A lot of people use cycling in their exercise as part of their recovery routine whether it\'s from a sport injury, car accident, or neurological disabilities. The fourth advantage which accompanies the the third is that the user gets to have the luxury of having his exercise everywhere and anywhere he/she wants. They can exercise outdoors or indoors because of the primary responsibility of the wheelchair which is mobility of the user from one place to the other. The last but certainly not least advantage, and I cannot stress this enough, is the fun and excitement factor that this wheelchair brings. It can change lives, it can bring new hope for people. Lots of people never had the luxury of being independent on a wheelchair. Lots of people never experienced what it\'s like to drive a bicycle. Many athletes search for more dynamic and more exciting recoveries which would motivate, not only athletes, but other victims of disabling incidents to improve and gain the will power that will make them want to get better and be better because they can have a better future and a better life with the COGY Pedal Wheelchair! For more information, here\'s how you can reach us: Mobile: +357 96429979 Email: [email protected] Facebook: