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Requirements - Full Stack Developer If you’re a developer that’s completely familiar and comfortable with the entire stack (both front-end and back-end technologies), we’re interested in bringing you on board. In short, the ideal candidate we’re looking for is a developer that can work with the .NET Framework, databases such as MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and everything in between. If know your way around PhotoShop too, you’ve just made our shortlist ☺. Major Requirements – Full Stack Developer ● Extremely proficient in the .NET Framework, and especially with C# and ASP.NET Web API 2 ● You’ll need to have experience with authentication servers as well as Nginx, and have experience when working with windows servers ● The Full Stack hero we’re looking for can design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code ● Strong understanding of object-oriented programming ● Skill for writing reusable libraries ● Familiar with various design and architectural patterns ● Knowledge of concurrency patterns ● Solid knowledge of PHP 5 (traits, namespaces, design patterns etc.) ● Solid knowledge of JavaScript and Angular 1.6 ● Outstanding knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 ● Has worked on MT4 API development is seen as a massive advantage, but not a necessity ● Amazing knowledge of databases, namely MySQL ○ If you can create a database and run reports from it with your eyes closed, and can do everything else we’ve asked for, please apply Please only apply if you can meet these additional points: ● BS in Computer Science or a related field ● If you don’t have a degree, then we’re looking for one of those rare breeds of developer that at twelve years of age (or older), thought it would be cool to start developing their own software. You know the kind… ● Experience developing full stack web sites and services using PHP, Node, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS ● Tons of WordPress experience ● Super strong experience when it comes to building databases on MySQL ● Knowledge of best practices and SOLID design principles in object oriented programming ● MQL4 knowledge would be seen as a huge advantage too ● Knowledge of security best practices (e.g. SQL injection, XSS and other exploits) ● Passion and a love of what you do! You might well be a Full Stack Developer and not even know it! We’re looking for smart people that can use their heads as well as their hearts. What you’ll do on a daily basis This is just a glimpse at what you’ll be doing on a daily basis: ● Maintaining a trading platform. That’s right folks, a trading platform ● Adding various levels of functionality to our trading platform ● Creating awesome apps for our traders ● Taking a design from the design team and converting it into a fully functional HTML-based email template, WordPress template, etc. ● Creating WordPress Plugins that help speed up the efficiency of the team ● Creating full-on web applications/ databases that have cool front-ends you’ve also created, and that connect to MetaTrader 4 via an API ● Having loads of fun ● Learning, learning, and then some more learning Be aware… We run a super tight ship here at Bug Freak Media and we keep it tight here because we have such an amazing working environment and we want it to stay that way. It really is unlike any other FX company you would’ve worked in before. Our philosophy is simple; you spend most of the day at work, so why not make it enjoyable for yourself and those around you? To ensure we keep our awesome environment intact, all applicants (who are interviewed), will be given a Full Stack Developer test. We’ll let you in on a little secret… it’s going to be really hard and most fail it. We only want the best here at Bug Freak Media. If you’re one of the super lucky candidates to be invited in for an interview, it’s because you have: ● Provided us with a portfolio of your work ● Have shown us an example of your front-end and back-end magic Please don’t apply if ● You want to be Full Stack Developer but are only great at front-end technologies at this point ● You’ve seen that Full Stack Developers earn a good salary and “fancy that”. We want full-on dedicated people that are absolutely fantastic at what they do ● You’ve never developed anything in your life. We’re not interested in time wasters here ● You don’t get on with other, super smart people that only want the best for you and the entire team To apply for this Full Stack Developer position, please do the following: ● Send your CV to [email protected] along with your digital portfolio ● When applying, tell us what you believe you can bring to the table ● We’d like to know something about you too. Are you a film freak, do you play Risk, do you like Paintballing, etc.